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# in 1.3.6rc2

On 08.01.16 Marco d'Itri (m...@linux.it) wrote:
> On Sep 17, Marco d'Itri <m...@linux.it> wrote:

Hi all,

> > > After I switched from libnss-ldap to libnss-ldapd I noticed that at 
> > > every login proftpd requests the whole content of the passwd database 
> > > (i.e. like running "getent passwd).
> > > This is evident from the nslcd debugging log ("passwd(all)").
> > Are there any news about fixing this?
> > This bug prevents using proftpd on systems with a large users database.
> Since there has been no reaction from the maintainer in 2.5 years 
> I intend to NMU proftpd in the next future and apply the patch in this 
> bug. (And also fix #804322).
Current implementation in 1.3.6rc2 looks like this:

static void ensure_open_passwd(pool *p) {
  /* Make sure pass/group is open. */

  /* On some unices the following is necessary to ensure the files
   * are open (BSDI 3.1)

  /* Per Debian bug report:
   *   https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=717235
   * we might want to do another set{pw,gr}ent(), to play better with
   * some NSS modules.

I guess I can simply replace the ensure_open_passwd() function in
1.3.5 by than one, right? Please confirm, patch will be in next
upload then.

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