On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 12:22:12PM +0200, David Madore wrote:
> > The error you report seems to be fixed post-0.8.0, but before 0.9.0,
> > in v0.8.0-142-geab9af1 . So it looks as if you're trying to use 0.9.0
> > with scripts from 0.8.0.
> Ah, indeed, PEBCK for that part, I forgot to pass a -s option when
> using openocd from a compilation tree.  But still, as noted above,
> neither 0.8.0 nor 0.9.0 seem to be able to use the device, they just
> get stuck.

In this case it would help to see -d3 output.

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