Graham Inggs <> writes:

> I'm dropping this bug's severity to wishlist as Trilinos last built on
> 32-bit architectures in 2010 [1], before the Kokkos package was
> introduced.  These binaries are not in testing and therefore should
> not prevent Trilinos from migrating.

So I see.  It looks like the only outstanding regression is on alpha,
which is a non-release, 64-bit architecture, and moreover hit a cp
segfault(!) rather than anything that could plausibly be interpreted as
a Trilinos portability bug.

> We have opened a PR [3] with upstream, in the hopes that we can work
> together on a solution.

Great; thanks for all your work here.

> PS: If you are happy with the outcome of #815725, please close it.

Done earlier today.  In retrospect, that really should have been two
separate reports.

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