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Ubuntu6226 wrote:
> I have created a file ~/.yeahconsole 

In the subject of your bug report you said ".yeahconsolerc", here you
say ".yeahconsole". Anyways, neither will work as yeahconsole does not
have such a feature.

> with the content : 
>     yeahconsole*toggleKey: Control+e 

That syntax should go into ~/.Xdefaults

> but me I would like not to touch .xressource

But that's how it's meant to work.

> and use a simple .yeahconsolerc like normal users

What do you mean by "normal users"?

> hey you do check at start
> chdir( "HOME"); 
> and read with fopen 
> .yeahconsolerc 
> not very complicated.
> please add this to yeahconsole,

So this is actually a feature request and not a bug? Downgrading to
wishlist then.

Since I won't add features unless either upstream adds them or
someones submits a patch, please send your request to the upstream
developer, see

Ubuntu6226 wrote:
> so temporally i use .Xdefaults

Why temporarily? That's the correct way.

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