retitle 834846 O: cadabra -- field-theory motivated computer
retitle 834847 O: modglue -- C++ library for handling of multiple co-processes

Iulian mentioned to the MIA team that he mixed up "O" and "RFA" and
hence only filed "RFA"s but mean "O". He retitled all his RFAs to O
except two: He didn't retitle cadabra and its dependency modglue
because at that time it seemed that they were on the brink of

The adoption plan was to replace cadabra 1.x with cadabra 2.x, but
upstream said that 1.x and 2.x are not really compatible and that
"cadabra2" should not be packaged as "cadabra", hence the adoption is
moot for now.

In the meanwhile upstream released a new cadabra 1.x upstream release
which should address at least some parts of the FTBFS. I'll check if
that suffices to get it building again and if so, will make a QA

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