On 17.09.2016 02:47, a.t.chadw...@gmail.com wrote:
> Confirmed. This bug breaks all graphics tablets in GNOME (at least). It
> is not specific to the driver. See the attached logs.
> Symptoms: when a graphics tablet is plugged in, within a few seconds the
> running X session terminates. Examining the logs reveals repeated
> segfaults from gnome-shell caused by libwacom2; the repetition is
> classed as the session respawning too fast by gnome-session, which gives
> up in disgust.
> (As originally reported, sessions break with a blank screen if the
> tablet is plugged in at session start too.)
> Affected hardware: all the tablets I own, namely:
> * Genius i405x (evdev driver, horribly broken)
> * Huion H610PRO (libinput, normally works well)
> * Wacom Intuos5 M (wacom, normally works perfectly)
> Expected behaviour: I would expect no segfaults which kill X when
> plugging in my graphics tablets.
> I am using libwacom2 0.19-1, gnome-shell 3.21.91-2, and
> gnome-settings-daemon
> Libwacom 0.22 has been released upstream, and may be necessary for this
> version of GNOME. Please can that be tried? Libwacom mismatches have
> killed tablet support in the past

sounds like gnome dependencies are wrong then.. anyway, 0.22-1 uploaded,
please test


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