Am 14.09.2016 um 17:16 schrieb JWM:

> After upgrading my system this morning and restarting a new gnome-shell 
> session
> (by rebooting), everything being displayed fails to repaint properly.
> Everytime I launch an application and try to move the window it leaves traces
> (i.e., shadows of its previous positions). The same happens on mouse hover.
> Also, the clock (on the top desktop) flickers constantly.  Something similar
> happens with the title bar in certain applications (e.g., vivaldi).
> Since the only packages upgraded were related to mutter and gnome-shell, I
> figure the one to blame is mutter.

Can you downgrade mutter to 3.21.91-2 (from testing), reboot and test if
the problem is reproducible?

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