Am 17.09.2016 um 01:09 schrieb Erik Tews:

> After startup, gdm doesn't show up and just shows a grey screen. Looking at 
> syslog reveals the reason:
> syslog:Sep 16 23:27:25 matte kernel: [  172.983123] gnome-shell[3206]: 
> segfault 
> at 10 ip 00007f8e7c85d6c4 sp 00007ffd151d0a80 error 4 in 
> c85a000+9000]
> Since I haven't updated libwacom2 in the last 2 weeks, but gnome-shell was 
> recently updated, I assume this is due to a problem in gnome-shell.
> There is also a temporary fix, just run: rmmod wacom, and then restart gdm, 
> and you can use it again, of course without the touchscreen.
> Unfortunately, in upstream, I cannot see any kind of commit between 3.21.92 
> and 3.21.91 that might cause such a problem.

Can you downgrade gnome-shell (and gnome-shell-common) to version
3.21.91-2 (from testing), reboot and test if the problem is still

If not, does downgrading libmutter0i, mutter-common, mutter to 3.21.91-2
fix the problem?

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