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On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 02:29:45PM +0200, Bastien ROUCARIES wrote:
>   I am looking for a sponsor for my package "imagemagick"


>     dget -x 

I've eventually managed to domate gitpkg, and I succeeded at building a
.dsc out of it.  dsc that matches yours in all the things, except for
the timestamps in debian.tar.xz.  Am I right that you built your package
in jessie?  (Or anyway, with a dpkg << 1.18.10, which is the one that
started to build reproducible source packages).

This also means that with me you don't really need (anymore) to provide
me a .dsc to dget, git pushing changes is going to be enough.

Another question about that git repository: I see there are very few
tags.  Shall I suppose tags means nothing in this repository format?

I recall you were saying something about this aiming to experimental,
because some SONAME changed (I didn't really checkout), which must also
be the reason you're asking for sponsorship (=> the package will go
through NEW, so you can't upload yourself).  But your upload is
targetting unstable.

Things I want to see fixed:

1/ you didn't incorporate any NMU, nor mine (which upsets me as a NMUer
trying to do QA work), nor pochu's (which is fixing a CVE, that I
suppose has been fixed upstream already so that's not so relevant.
Not including my NMU means your package gains another RC bug, and just
because you're lucky (src:kodi has yet to be fixed…) your package would
migrate to testing, but in normal circumstances it wouldn't.
The changelog is also lacking the unstable uploads for -6 and -7.  I can
understand -7 where you only backported some patches that are probably
already present, but judging by the changelog I suppose -6 is also some
packaging changes; have them be included?

2/ the Vcs-* field, Vcs-Git is plain broken.  If I were you I'd set both
Vcs fields to
That url works both as a cgit frontend.
It's something that I'm pointing out and "forcing" to be fixed due to so
seldom uploads of imagemagick...  and it's fairly annoying not being
able to use `debcheckout`.

Other things that you may consider changes in future, not needed now:
I've only peaked randomly at d/rules, nothing more, so this is probably

    dpkg-parsechangelog -SSource
Also STATIC_DEB_VERSION you could use
    dpkg-parsechangelog -SVersion
instead of doing grep/cut.  Or you could include
/usr/share/dpkg/ and use the variables provided by it (not
exported though).

Actually I'm really not sure why you export all the variables...  I'm
sure you don't need all of them exported.

you have a weird if in the % target.  The bug cited there is long fixed,
so probably that if is not needed anymore?

4/ you got a 'fpu_is present' target, totally unused.  The most funny
bit is the presence of the space in the target name.  I figure you are
better by removing the target.  And if you don't want to remove it, then
you might avoid a small DRY violation by making override_dh_autoreconf
depend on that target (after the name is fixed).

5/ all the patches have 'Forwarded: Yes'.  That's cool, but according
to DEP-3, Forwarded should contain the place where they have been
forwarded, not just "Yes".  i.e., a patch reviewing place, an upstream
bug, a mailing list post, ...

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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