>>> I’ll see what I can do. However, to be honest I’m not sure I have the time 
>>> to do porting work on software in which using hardware optimised approaches 
>>> is probably a main selling point… I would be more than happy to raise the 
>>> issue with upstream though.
>> OK, thanks!  If there's no realistic prospect of supporting other
>> architectures, you could also restrict the Architecture field
>> accordingly, so that the excluded autobuilders won't bother trying to
>> touch the package.
> Sure, I’ll just wait for upstream’s reply to the GitHub issue I raised. If 
> there’s no success after some time then I’ll restrict the architectures. 
> Since HISAT2 is very similar to Bowtie2 as far as the build system and 
> implementation is concerned, I guess that is also a viable option, as that’s 
> how it’s done in that package.

FYI, since there hasn’t been any reaction from upstream I’m just going to 
adjust the architecture field soon.


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