Package: libconfig-crontab-perl
Version: 1.41-1
Severity: minor
Tags: upstream

The test suite gets totally skipped for me with the message
"no crontab available".

It looks like this refers to the crontab(1) command rather than a user
crontab file. From t/

  sub have_crontab {
      eval 'system("crontab -l 2>/dev/null")';
      return ($? >> 8 == 1);

The documentation for crontab(1) doesn't specify the exit code, but it
looks like it returns 0 if the user has a crontab file and 1 if not.
So the test suite gets skipped for users with a crontab file, which
doesn't seem to be the intention.

Background for the check seems to be testing for Windows:

Furthermore, the crontab(1) command is apparently not used by the actual
tests, only for the check, so the check seems doubly useless for us. I
intend to patch it away for now.
Niko Tyni

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