Package: exim4-config
Version: 4.87-3

Since Exim4 requires each ACL to be specified by name, and exim4-config ships some ACL's, it becomes a bit difficult for external packages to add to these ACL's. One option is to specify one of the CHECK_*_LOCAL_ACL_FILE macros, but ideally, this would be reserved for the user to set, and either way, if more than one package would define this, it would either break the configuration or lead to unexpected results (only one package's file being read).

What's even worse is that for example CHECK_RCPT_LOCAL_ACL_FILE is being read after the following statements:

# Insist that any other recipient address that we accept is either in one of
  # our local domains, or is in a domain for which we explicitly allow
# relaying. Any other domain is rejected as being unacceptable for relaying.
    message = relay not permitted
    domains = +local_domains : +relay_to_domains

# We also require all accepted addresses to be verifiable. This check will
  # do local part verification for local domains, but only check the domain
  # for remote domains.
    verify = recipient

which makes it impossible to use add alternative accept rules before these ones.

I suggest to implement ACL's in the same fashion as other parts of the configuration. In particular, I'd like to see default ACL's split into multiple number-prefixed files, one of them being the header, and others containing one or more condition blocks. This way other packages could add their own files with their conditions easily, instead of having to patch the configuration files shipped by another package (which is what greylistd package does, to the best of my understanding). This would also allow packages to specify their own accept rules, without altering +local_domains or +relay_to_domains.

Exim 4 also allows having quite a few more ACL's than Debian currently ships. I think it makes sense to ship all of these by default, even if empty, so that other packages wouldn't have to specify them, thus being in risk of conflict with other packages doing that as well.

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