Hi Rogério!

On Mon, 21 Dec 2009, Rogério Brito wrote:

> > I understand your intention, but I depend on gawk because the
> > fig2mpdf patch requires it.
> Right. I will investigate that. Oh, just for the record, mawk is
> "Priority: required".
> > Okay, to say the truth I don't know whether this also works with
> > mawk or other awk versions, but the upstream author explicitly
> > hard coded "gawk" instead of "awk". So I expect that this one is
> > needed.
> I can check that.

In the meantime I did that myself and found out, that at least asort
is missing in mawk but used by the script.

So replacing gawk by awk doesn't work out of the box.

It would be possible to work around this by rewriting the script, but
in my eyes gawk isn't than unacceptable and doesn't have that many
dependencies that it it worth the effort.

> > I'm not very familiar with awk, so I don't have any idea how I
> > could find out whether awk or gawk is needed or whether any gawk
> > specific commands are used.  Until someone can check this for me,
> > I have to stay with gawk...
> Right. I have not yet looked at the code, but, depending on what is
> done, sometimes things are easier with perl-base, which is both
> "Essential: yes" and "Priority: required".

Every program can be rewritten in some other language, but from my
point of view this only makes sense, if the upstream author does so.

So unless you provide a patch to make fig2mpdf work with mawk, I'd
intend to close your bug report...



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