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OK. The change in nvidia-texture-tools is in fact a valid buffer
overflow fix. However it is incomplete and should currently look like
the code below:

        Vec4 m_unweighted[17];
        Vec4 m_metric;
        Vec4 m_metricSqr;
        Vec4 m_xxsum;
        Vec4 m_xsum;
        Vec4 m_besterror;
        Vec3 m_unweighted[17];
        Vec3 m_metric;
        Vec3 m_metricSqr;
        Vec3 m_xxsum;
        Vec3 m_xsum;
        float m_besterror;

However that only applied in v1.7 which ntt is using, because that
contained an incorrect <=16 test.

In the current 1.13 the <=16 test has been corrected to <16 so the
overflow no longer occurs. This is the correct fix, so this version
should work fine if used by ntt.

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