Control: reassign -1 fonts-roboto-hinted

On 18.09.2016 13:26, Christian Klein wrote:
> Package: freeorion-data
> Version: 0.4.5+git20160707-2
> Severity: important
> I cannot upgrade freeorion to 0.4.6~RC1-1 in unstable, as it depends on fonts-
> roboto-unhinted. The problem is that I have installed the kodi package, which
> depends on fonts-roboto-hinted. However, fonts-roboto-hinted conflicts with
> fonts-roboto-unhinted. Hence only one of these packages can be installed.
> Version 0.4.5+git20160707-2 (currently in testing) does not depend on fonts-
> roboto-*.
> P.S.: I'm not sure if this ticket should be filed against freeorion, kodi or
> fonts-roboto. I'm also not sure what's the right severity for a dependency
> problem.


thanks for the report. I can rule out that this is a bug in kodi or
freeorion. In my opinion fonts-roboto-hinted should not conflict with
fonts-roboto-unhinted because both packages provide different files in
different directories. Hence I'm going to reassign the bug to

If the package was split some time ago then using a versioned Breaks +
Replaces is usually the preferred solution. Just conflicting seems wrong
in this case.



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