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Quoting Francesco Poli (wintermute) (2016-04-30 21:32:26)
> I noticed that two files included in the ghostscript source package 
> are documented in the debian/copyright file as distributed under the 
> terms of a non-free Unicode license.
> The two files are:
>   Files: base/ConvertUTF.c
>    base/ConvertUTF.h
>   Copyright: 2001-2004, Unicode, Inc
>   License: Unicode
> At the very least, this license does not grant any permission to 
> modify the files (thus failing DFSG#3). Moreover, the license grant 
> seems to attempt to restrict use to "products supporting the Unicode 
> Standard" (thus failing DFSG#6).
> See also https://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2015/12/msg00000.html 
> where an FTP Assitant confirmed that files which restrict "use to only 
> that of implementing a standard" are not fit for Debian main.
> Therefore, the two files under discussion appear to be non-free.

Seems you are right.

> However, this issue could possibly be easy to solve.
> If Unicode Inc has published new versions of the two files in
> more recent times, the updated versions should be under the
> current unicode.org public license, as explained in
> http://www.unicode.org/copyright.html#Exhibit1
> Please check whether newer versions of those files are released
> in one of the Unicode web site areas mentioned in the cited Exhibit1.
> The newer versions could perhaps be used as replacements for the
> non-free ones.

Unfortunately, upstream seems to have _dropped_ the code due to being 
buggy and unmaintained since 2004, according to 
http://unicode.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=90 - summarized at 

Above forum discussion mentions only version numbers (up to 1.4 and a 
possible alpha of 1.5), the year I found by looking at latest available 
snapshot of the code at archive.org and the timestamps of that page: 

This gets worse: Seems many more packages embed this code:


I have reported this upstream.  Will register at the secure-testing team 
as a case of Embedded Code Copy as well.

 - Jonas

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