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> Package: general
> Severity: grave
> Justification: causes non-serious data loss
> I'm running the current 64-bit Debian with the Cinnamon desktop and have been
experiencing 'freezes' for about 
> a month now. The mouse still moves around but clicking on any window produces
no response. However right-clicking 
> on any window (eg Firefox) brings up the context menu for the desktop!?This
looks more like a bug in the window manager rather than a general bug. I'd
recommend to reassign it.

> I run a twin-screen set-up and looking at the screens which were timed-out I
noticed that the times on the two 
> screens were different! One was reading 11:03 and the other 11:16!Like if one
of the screens stop updating?

> After a few minutes both screens were frozen and I had to Ctrl+Alt+F1, kill
the x-session-manager which resulted 
> in the login screen and the system wsudo gedit /var/log/syslogas usable
> >From this I conclude that the problem is OS-related and not driver-related
(as a twin-screen set-up is configured 
> in the OS).From this I conclude that the OS part (kernel and basic utilities)
are still running correctly but the window manager stops dispatching events,
maybe due to a buggy program catching the focus and incorrectly handling the X
events. I'd recommend again to reassign this bug to the window manager package.
There you will probably find a better chance to get help.
Abou Al Montacir 

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