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On Sun, 2016-09-18 at 08:26:56 +0530, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> package: sbuild
> version: 0.71.0-2
> severity: wishist
> (if this should go to debootstrap, then please reassign)
> Many packages now expect a UTF-8 locale and we have to manually specify
> LC_ALL=C.UTF-8. I think it is better to make C.UTF-8 as the default
> locale for chroots to avoid fixing so many packages.

The request is not very clear, so let me try to run it down. If it
is about binary packages, then that cannot be done, please refer to
policy ยง9.9.

I'm assuming, though, that this is related to source packages and
building them? In that case as josch has mentioned package cannot
assume that anything will set up their environment as they should
(still) support being called simply as debian/rules, which is the
only defined entry point.

In addition C.UTF-8 locales provided by default were a Debianism not
until recently, and even now might be a glibc-ism. So not something
that even dpkg-buildpackage might be able to rely on, given that it
is being used beyond glibc and Debian.

If a (binary/source) package requires the current locale to be UTF-8
then it should set it itself. Even debootstrap might be able to set a
default, but that does not mean the user might not modify it later on.

So as things stand now I don't think this can be fixed centrally, and
I'm in principle planning on closing this report in a bit if no
clarifications or compelling arguments are put forwards.


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