On 18/09/16 14:51, Eugene V. Lyubimkin wrote:
> Control: tags -1 + unreproducible
> Hi Emilio,
> On 04.09.2016 12:17, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
>> Your package failed to build on armel/armhf. Logs at
>> https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=cupt&suite=unstable
> Thank you for the report.
> I cannot reproduce the issue (that is, on the armhf porterbox harris.d.o the 
> test suit passes). Any chance that at the
> time of the build some toolchain packages were in an inconsistent shape or 
> had know issues?
> Can I do anything else with this bug before requesting to give-back the 
> package on arhmf and armel?

I have given them back. Let's see what happens.


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