Okay, found time for some more testing. It seems that libwacom2 0.19
is probably off the hook here: the problem can be made to go away by
merely switching versions of mutter (+ libmutter) for all tablets on
my test bench.

Thank you for the update to 0.22, nevertheless. Doubtless it will be
needed before too long. BTW, the debian/watch file appears to be
broken according to qa.debian - perhaps that's why some releases
weren't noticed?

On 18 September 2016 at 02:23, Andrew Chadwick <a.t.chadw...@gmail.com> wrote:
> GNOME sessions with gnome-shell 3.21.91-2 and libwacom2 0.22-1 still
> segfault when any any of my USB tablet devices are attached. This
> includes the Wacom USB Wireless Accessory Kit: it's fine after being
> plugged in initially without the tablet being turned on, but when the
> tablet is turned on and begins communicating wirelessly, the session
> dies just as above.
> I've tried a plain old USB optical mouse, a USB keyboard, and a couple
> of USB joypads too - those are unaffected.
> From the console, libwacom-list-local-devices 0.22 detects the plugged
> device and lists its features like it should. No segfaults there.

Andrew Chadwick

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