Small appendum: Upstream fixed it similarly:

commit cac0198537a260fcb413f7d97301979c2dfaa31c
Author: Raphael Kubo da Costa <>
Date:   Sat Jul 16 10:45:25 2016 +0200

    pkg-config: Adjust _pkg_check_modules_internal() for CMake 3.6.

    CMake commit df97b97 ("FindPkgConfig: optionally create imported
    target for the found libraries") has changed the function's signature
    again, so add another check and update the call accordingly when using
    CMake >= 3.6.0.

    Tested by: Alan W. Irwin <> on Linux
    (Debian Jessie) using


    (i.e., a full noninteractive and interactive test for CMake-3.6.0
    which is the version of CMake that I used for this test).

    There were no obvious build or run-time errors, and the PostScript
    difference results had no regressions (i.e., were perfect other
    than the long-time ocaml issues).

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