Package: kernel-package
Version: 13.018

man make-kpkg says:

              If  defined,  this  environment variable sets the concurrency
              level of make used to compile the kernel and the modules set
              using -j flags to the sub make in the build target of make-kpkg.
              Should be a (small) integer,  if used. You can get the current
              number of CPUs using the command:

                   grep -c '^processor' /proc/cpuinfo

This grep command does not give a useful answer on machines that use the
"hotplug" cpufreq governor, which switches off unused CPUs; these switched
off CPUs do not appear in /proc/cpuinfo. A better way to get the number of
CPUs is the nproc command.  In this case, "nproc --all" would be appropriate.
(nproc is in coreutils, so everyone should have it.)

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