On 01/09/16 09:51 PM, David Bremner wrote:

I can't duplicate the problem so far. I don't have libssl-dev installed,
but I could install pollen fine (via https). I do have libssl1.0.2:amd64
installed, perhaps that's the difference?

Sorry, Google misplaced your mail into the spam folder for some

Anyway, I uninstalled/reinstalled libssl-dev to reconfirm that on my
setup in particular, Racket can't find libssl without libssl-dev
installed. I guess I realized my previous email was very bad about
neglecting what ssl packages I have installed though. Here's what it
looks like with libssl-dev purged:

martin@porthole:~$ aptitude versions '~i ssl'
Package libcrypt-ssleay-perl:
i A 0.73.04-1+b1 unstable 500

Package libgnutls-openssl27:
i  3.5.4-2 unstable 500

Package libio-socket-ssl-perl:
i A 2.037-1 unstable 500

Package libnet-smtp-ssl-perl:
i A 1.03-1 unstable 500

Package libnet-ssleay-perl:
i A 1.77-1 unstable 500

Package libssl1.0.2:
i A 1.0.2h-1 unstable 500

Package openssl:
i A 1.0.2h-1 unstable 500

Package ssl-cert:
i A 1.0.38 unstable 500

martin@porthole:~$ dpkg --search '*libcrypto*'
racket-common: /usr/share/racket/collects/openssl/compiled/libcrypto_rkt.dep
libssl1.0.2:amd64: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so.1.0.2
racket-common: /usr/share/racket/collects/openssl/libcrypto.rkt
racket-common: /usr/share/racket/collects/openssl/compiled/libcrypto_rkt.zo

In particular, we have that
/usr/share/racket/collects/openssl/libcrypto.rkt has a list of
libcrypto.so versions that it looks for (between 0.9.7 and 1.0.1k, as
well as the unversioned one), and 1.0.2 is not on that list, while
installing the dev package gives me the unversioned one.

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