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> I don't know.  We normally do source only uploads.
> Actually, it may be arch all handling.  The package in question only
> produced an arch all binary.
> So, the most direct thing to test would be a binary+source upload of
> a
> package producing only an arch all deb.

sorry for the delay. I did debug this today, and I can reproduce it.

What I think is happening:

* Binary+source upload is happening.
* Build requests are uploaded to the builders (including debs).
* sbuild is triggered.

Now, sbuild (newly?) fails to overwrite (existing) debs in the builddir
for some reason (and will also state so in the build log via an error
log), but otherwise happily continues as "successful" build.

mini-buildd now (also very happy) mixes the new changes with the old
(not overwritten) deb in the build result.

The first thing were this crashes is when trying to install the binary
via the wrong changes file into the repository via reprepro. This
usually leads to only the source package being installed, and
misleading errors.

It's maybe noteworthy that reproducible builds (i.e., current builds
for sid) often masquerade this bug as the resulting debs may actually
be identical ;).

I am now going towards not adding any *.deb-Files to the build requests
in the first place, which (is some improvement in its own) and should
fix the issue, no matter how sbuild actually behaves.

So this should hopefully be fixed with the next upload.

Thx for spotting this!


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