On Sep 18, 2016, at 09:56 AM, Klaus Ethgen wrote:

>I set this bug to normal instead of wishlist as it currently blocks
>somehow packaging of other packages.

What other packages does it block, and how exactly does it block them?

>The name "tox" of this package is extremely misleading as normal use
>associate [0] with this name.

I'd quibble with these characterizations since the Python testing tool named
tox appears to predate the instant message tool named tox by many years.  I'd
claim that it's unfortunate that tox.chat chose a name which is very common,
and with a long history in another context.

>More over, it is somewhat python specific so it is better named python-tox.
>While it might be possible to work around the packaging block, that would
>produce a complete mess. So I ask you to please rename the package (back) to
>python-tox. I believe that this will take some time so please don't defere it
>to long.

I don't want to make life difficult for you, but I'm highly resistant to
changing either the package name or the executable name.  I'll wait for your
response, but I intend to close this bug as wontfix.

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