Hi David,

David Bremner <brem...@debian.org> writes:

> org-open-at-point calls org-link-unescape on the search term before
> invoking org-notmuch-follow-link, so it's a bad idea to call it again
> in org-notmuch-follow-link. In particular this breaks links with '%'
> in them.
> Here is a definition of org-notmuch-follow-link (from org-notmuch.el)
> which seems to work.
> (defun org-notmuch-follow-link (search)
>   "Follow a notmuch link to SEARCH.
> Can link to more than one message, if so all matching messages are shown."
>   (require 'notmuch)
>   (notmuch-show search))

thanks for reporting this -- agreed, and the fix looks good.

My connection is bad at the moment, I will fix this in contrib/
sometimes next week, unless someone with write access beat me on
this one.

All best,


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