Package: scummvm
Version: 1.7.0+dfsg-2
Severity: wishlist

I use WM_CLASS to collect statistics about which apps my users run most/least.
(use the xprop(1) command to view WM_CLASS).

Right now, scummvm sets both "name" and "class" attributes of WM_CLASS to 

Please arrange for WM_CLASS to include a reference to the specific
game being played, e.g.

    "BASS", "scummvm"

This will allow me to see which specific ScummVM games are popular,
and remove the least popular to recover space.

Upstream (sev) asked me to use,
but that needs a github account &
I don't want to create one just for this.
(Also I like having all my bugs in debbugs.)

Please forward this upstream for me.

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