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> Package: gnome-boxes
> Version: 3.20.2-1
> Severity: important
> Tags: newcomer
> I added GNOME Boxes to a new Debian Testing installation and found out that no
> virtual machine could be created at all. I quickly found this to be due to the
> lack of the necessary QEMU packages on my machine, caused by a bad behaviour 
> on
> the gnome-boxes package.
> Since QEMU is essential for GNOME Boxes to work and is the only supported
> virtualization software, the qemu-system-x86 package should become a 
> dependency
> instead of being a recommendation. Otherwise, people may find the program to 
> be
> "broken" and might not know how to fix it.

I think the reason why qemu is only a recommends instead of a hard
dependency is, that you can use gnome-boxes to manage remote VMs e.g.
via spice. This means you don't need qemu installed on your system in
this case.

Laurent, do I remember correctly or was there another reason why we
picked Recommends over Depends?

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