Package: cdbs, debhelper
Severity: serious

Dear maintainer:

Some packages having cdbs and debhelper in their build-depends fail to
build from source with an error like this:

** no python implementation resolved from binary package "stamp-autotools"

Examples: gupnp-igd and sugar-toolkit-gtk3:

I think this is more likely to be a bug in debhelper or cdbs, hence this report.

If that's really the case, please reassign those bugs and this one to
whatever package is to blame. Then use affects, so that we can still
see them in their respective web pages to avoid duplicate bugs.
Another affected package would be gdb.

If that was not really the case after all, I'm sorry and feel free to
close this bug. However, since those two packages (and gdb) fail in
exactly the same way I assume some hint about why this happens would
be appreciated by the maintainers.


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