Hi Thomas,

I have had the problem that the raid "md126" and the raid devices sda, sdb will 
be listed.
I don't know how to filter the real disk devices out - sorry, I hope you have 
an idea.

I use "disk1" for installation - but "disk1" was sda before.


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Von: Thomas Lange [mailto:la...@informatik.uni-koeln.de] 
Gesendet: Dienstag, 6. September 2016 21:39
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Betreff: nfsroot patch

Hi Stefan,

I've tested your patch with a raid10 configuration. No problems so far. I had 
to adjust your patch because it did not apply cleanly to the master branch. 
Here's the commit 

I have one question. Is it important that the md[0-9]{3,} devices are listed 
before the other devices? I think that's the reason why you added another egrep 
call inside a bash subshell. If not, I could add the additional regex into the 
other egrep call.

+( egrep 'md[0-9]{3,}$' /proc/partitions; egrep ' 
+etherd/e[[:digit:]]+\.[[:digit:]]+\b| i2o/hd.+\b| 
+cciss/c.+d.+\b|ida/c.+d.+\b| rd/c.+d.+\b| fio.\b| hd.\b| 
+sd[a-z]{1,2}\b|/disc\b|vd.\b| xvd.\b' /proc/partitions ) | checkdisk

regards Thomas

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