On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 10:02:13AM +0000, Antonio Radici wrote:
> In this particular case I believe that the behavior is the correct one, once 
> we
> switched to gpgme all pgp_* commands are ignored, if people want to encrypt to
> themselves, then they should use the proper configuration option rather than
> relying on a option passed on the pgp_* command.
> The best I can do is to update the NEWS entry to make clear that all pgp_*
> command are ignored after the switch to gpgme and saying that if you want to
> encrypt to yourself you have to doublecheck that pgp_encrypt_self is true in
> your config

Sounds good to me. But are you sure that all pgp_* commands are
ignored? For instance, I just found out that pgp_encrypt_self=yes is
quite essential in this situation.


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