On 20.09.2016 15:42, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Tuesday, 20 September 2016 1:37:41 PM AEST Markus Koschany wrote:
>>> I still think that a build-conflicts is the wrong option when you can make
>>> it build with both packages installed.  My patch allows it to build
>>> regardles of any other packages installed.
>>> Why do you think that build-conflicts is the right solution?
>> Currently the game can only be built with automake1.11. That is even
>> enforced with the revert-372eff6693e633e8d0d1d0b8a9ceb996a5c3f49f.patch.
>> Maybe you forgot to include your patch in the debian directory that you
>> attached to the bug report. When I build without automake1.11 the
>> package FTBFS.
> My patch makes it call automake1.11 directly even if other versions are 
> installed.  The automake packages on Debian are specifically configured to 
> support this.

Ok, now I understand what you wanted to achieve. Unfortunately that
means automake-1.11 is still required to build warzone2100.

>> So this patch needs an update but building with the default automake is
>> of course the preferred solution.
> Automake is very painful to use.  If upstream wanted to support a newer 
> version then we could do it as an upstream thing.  But supporting a different 
> version of automake in a Debian patch isn't practical.

I think your patch only works around the issue. I suspect in the near
future automake-1.11 will be removed from Debian and this issue becomes
RC again. I'm fine with applying your patch as is though.

>> By the way the package builds fine in a clean environment even without
>> the Build-Conflicts option, that's why I downgraded the severity.
> Like most serious Unix users I have many programs I compile and I don't want 
> to be uninstalling packages before compiling them.

You don't need to uninstall anything if you use
cowbuilder/pbuilder/sbuild when building packages. As a serious
maintainer myself I can only highly recommend to use one of these build
tools. With one of them you would have detected that libssl-dev was
missing from Build-Depends. Building in an unclean environment hides
such issues.

I have found the root cause for the graphical glitches now. Apparently
this is related to the new glm build-dependency. If I use the one
provided by upstream the issue is gone. Since Debian's glm package
doesn't provide a shared library I'm inclined to use the embedded one
for now until someone provides a proper patch for the rotating units.

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