On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 08:05:00PM +0200, Sven Joachim wrote:
> Many of those are already enabled by default if you configure
> --with-abi-version=6, see the INSTALL file.  Unfortunately, we cannot
> change the ABI before the release of Debian 9, but I definitely want to
> do it after the Stretch release.

Thanks for feedback and info about --with-abi-version=... .

I see about ABI change and stretch release though just wondering: with
introduction of libncurses6* which will be there along with currently
present libncurses5* we are not changing ABI for libncurses5 and thus
all packages which already use libncurses won't be affected before
explicit change to their build-depends from libncurses5-dev to
libncurses6-dev to them.

I mean even if we add libncurses6* packages keeping libncurses5* in
place there also, it won't break anything. Does this maybe change
something about the time when libncurses6 can be introduced?


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