On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 06:54:46PM +0200, Carlos Martin wrote:

> When system loads dahdi module yo can see the message "Warning: Span WCTDM/4 
> didn't specify a spantype. Please fix driver!"

>         Kernel driver in use: wctdm

Thanks for your report and sorry for not answering earlier.

>From what I can see, this issue should apply to original Digium cards as
well. As you can see in lspci, the driver handling this card is wctdm.
Sorry for not picking this up earlier.

The fix for this should be the following patch:

diff --git a/drivers/dahdi/wctdm.c b/drivers/dahdi/wctdm.c
index 9f43e52..cf5a537 100644
--- a/drivers/dahdi/wctdm.c
+++ b/drivers/dahdi/wctdm.c
@@ -2411,6 +2411,7 @@ static int wctdm_initialize(struct wctdm *wc)
        wc->span.channels = NUM_CARDS;
        wc->span.flags = DAHDI_FLAG_RBS;
        wc->span.ops = &wctdm_span_ops;
+       wc->span.spantype = SPANTYPE_ANALOG_MIXED;
        list_add_tail(&wc->span.device_node, &wc->ddev->spans);
        if (dahdi_register_device(wc->ddev, &wc->dev->dev)) {

Any chance you could test this? I'll try to see if I have any such card

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