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On Tue, 2016-09-20 at 13:16:14 -0400, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> Package: dpkg-dev
> Version: 1.18.10
> Severity: normal

> I have a Python package that only contains a d/tests/control.autodep8
> file, not a d/tests/control file.  This requires the addition of an
> explicit Testsuite: autopkgtest-pkg-python header to d/control whereas
> the existance of d/tests/control would add this automatically.  IWBNI
> the same logic applied to d/tests/control.autodep8

There are multiple problems with this request. First that control file
is not documented in the autopkgtest spec AFAICS, it seems to be
documented in the autodep8 package though. Knowing what to use as the
Testsuite value would imply replicating the same logic autodep8 has
to infer what kind of tests are to be run, with all the Debian specic
policy that that implies (package names, etc).

(This is very mild annoyance, but every time I see a “depN” reference,
I've to lookup those names, and we have less than 20 AFAIR, they are
still very non-intuitive, I'd rather not see those extend. :)

As it stands I don't think I'd want to see this implemented in
dpkg-dev. Because if such file contained the type of pkg the test are
supposed to use so that dpkg-dev could pick that up, then one might as
well spell it instead in the debian/control file?


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