2016-09-21 0:48 GMT+02:00 Josh Triplett <j...@joshtriplett.org>:
> While it makes sense that gnome-packagekit should depend on packagekit
> if it can't function without packagekit installed, that then suggests
> that gnome should recommend gnome-packagekit rather than depending on
> it.
> Having packagekit installed has (or had, it might not anymore) some
> system-wide side-effects,

Concrete examples please, none of these "effects" should happen unless
triggered by something else in the system.

> such as letting gnome-packagekit invoke the
> systemd offline-upgrade functionality

gnome-packagekit never does that. GNOME Software however, can do that,
but that's hardly the fault of PackageKit.
If anything, this should be solved in GNOME Software, which is the
sole thing triggering offline-upgrades at time.

> which isn't well-established or
> tested in Debian.

I tested that on my machine and in a couple of VMs and couldn't spot
any issues. The integration with Plymouth could be better, but aside
from that, I saw no problems.

> While I'd love to see Debian using that
> infrastructure eventually, right now having packagekit installed may
> lead to serious unexpected problems.

Such as? If that happens, we will get bug reports, and fix bugs ;-)
(KDE has had packagekit installed by default for ages, with zero
complaints about any unexpected things happening (with the exception
of not being able to use apt when the cache is locked by pkd))


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