Source: casacore
Version: 2.1.0-2
Followup-For: Bug #830251

As of 2.1.0-2, the timeouts are gone, but the failures remain.  One is
test 447 (tConvert), per #838425.  The others all involve FITS: test
376 (tFITS) fails with

  An unrecoverable error occurred: 
  (/«PKGBUILDDIR»/fits/FITS/test/ : 94) Unrecoverable AlwaysAssertExit: 
  FAIL (execution failure): ./tFITS

and tests 431 (tFITSExtImage), 432 (tFITSExtImageII) and 433
(tFITSImage) all fail with

  Failed AlwaysAssert allNear(dataArray, dataMask, fitsArray, fitsMask)

at various source lines.  Could you please take a look?  You can find
the full log at


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