On 09/20/2016 02:31 PM, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
Sorry for the amount of emails I'm sending, but I noticed something that's probably important. I'm also appending some gdb log from tracing through the function (trying to answer why it's doing cluster mode stuff at all).

While tracing through, I noticed that *before* the write-bitmap loop, mdadm -E considers the superblock valid. That agrees with what I saw from strace, I suppose. To my first glance, it figures out how much to write by calling this function:

static unsigned int calc_bitmap_size(bitmap_super_t *bms, unsigned int boundary)
    unsigned long long bits, bytes;

bits = __le64_to_cpu(bms->sync_size) / (__le32_to_cpu(bms->chunksize)>>9);
    bytes = (bits+7) >> 3;
    bytes += sizeof(bitmap_super_t);
    bytes = ROUND_UP(bytes, boundary);

    return bytes;

That code looked familiar, and I figured out where—it's also in 95a05b37e8eb2bc0803b1a0298fce6adc60eff16, the commit that I found originally broke it. But that commit is making a change to it: it changed the ROUND_UP line from 512 to 4096 (and from the gdb trace, boundary==4096).

I tested changing that line to "bytes = ROUND_UP(bytes, 512);", and it works. Adds the new disk to the array and produces no warnings or errors.

I think it is is a coincidence that above change works,  4a3d29e commit made
the change but it didn't change the logic at all. Also seems the problem is not
related to md-cluster code as your gdb debug shows it run into below part
because the version is 4.

/* no need to change bms->nodes for other bitmap types */


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