>>>>> "Axel" == Axel Beckert <a...@debian.org> writes:

    Axel> Tobias Frost wrote:
    >> The current maintainer of ccze, Stephen Gran <sg...@debian.org>,
    >> looks for someone to take over this package.

    Axel> If no one else is interested, I'd take it over.

    Axel> But maybe Gergely (in Cc) is intererested in taking the package back
    Axel> as he maintained it in the past and is also the upstream
    Axel> maintainer.

Nope, not interested. The upstream "maintainer" part is a bit of an
exaggeration too, I haven't touched it in a long while, and have no
plans to do so. It's pretty much abandoned, I'm afraid, so if you are -
or anyone else is - interested, I'll happily pass on upstream
maintainership too. The code is on GitHub at the moment, all former TLA
history nicely imported, in reasonable shape, I hope.


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