Package: gprbuild
Version: 2015-5
Usertags: autopkgtest


gprbuild's tests recently started failing [1] with

  Error: no native compiler found for language 'ada', default runtime
  p.gpr:2:09: no languages defined for this project
  gnatvsn.gpr:24:09: no languages defined for this project
  gprbuild: "p.gpr" processing failed

The same error can also be seen in gnat modules like

and presumably others. gprbuild itself did not change since the
failure started to happen, so I suppose some dependency changed.
According to [2] the most likely change is from gcc-6 6.2.0-4 [3], but
its changelog does not mention any dependency change.

Curiously I can make libgnatcoll's tests work again by additionally
installing gcc-6 [4] as that makes gprconfig work again. But
gprbuild's own tests still already pull in gcc-6, so that cannot be
the complete explanation.

I'm afraid this should be investigated by someone who actually knows
the Ada toolchain now.



[4] autopkgtest libgnatcoll --setup-commands 'apt-get install -y 
--no-install-recommends gcc' -- [...]

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