Hi Bálint,

thanks a lot for the quick reaction!

> > I've got a pcap file open; 4 IP addresses are still visible after
> > filtering, and these show as 4 vertical lines in the TCP flow (show
> > "visible packets" only).
> >
> > When scrolling around (two finger gesture on the pad, or cursor up/down),
> > the timestamps, IP addresses, and vertical lines move horizontally by a few
> > pixels; the headers "Time" and "comment", and the comment column text stay
> > fixed, though.
> >
> > Same happens with more IP addresses, too.
> >
> > When using an unfiltered capture (with more visible packets), scrolling is
> > slower, of course; the flicker still happens, perhaps more often when
> > scrolling up than when scrolling down?

While on the issue of the TCP Flow graphs -- scrolling with cursor keys is 
the wrong direction.

While "cursor up" in the main window selects an earlier packet, in the TCP 
flow it moves the packet list up, effectively showing later packets...

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