Dear Release Team,

I believe we're now pretty much ready for an upload of MySQL 5.7 to
unstable. This would be src:mysql-5.7, which would eventually supersede
src:mysql-5.6, with a general s/5.6/5.7/ in the binary package names.

One significant change is the transition from libmysqlclient18 to
libmysqlclient20. Existing packages depending on
libmysqlclient18 or libmysqlclient-dev are already instructed to move to
default-libmysqlclient-dev, and that dependency tree does not require
anything from src:mysql-5.6 or src:mysql-5.7 at all, as instructed by

I presume therefore, that due to bug 837615, there is no need to request
a transition slot, so we can proceed when we're ready. If this is
incorrect, please let us know.

For reference, our packaging for 5.7 is ready at:



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