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Hi Carl,

2016-09-07 20:21 GMT+02:00 Carl Eugen Hoyos <>:
> Hi Bálint!
>> I went throught the unclassified bugs and set the
>> proper state to help tracking them.
> This bug (#831591) and #832364 contain neither backtrace
> nor bisect. Note that they most likely have to be fixed
> in Kodi, FFmpeg will (afaict) not break ABI once more
> for the 3.1 release series to work-around bugs in other
> projects.
> (This analysis may of course be wrong but we cannot
> know better so far.)

I'm marking this bug fixed and close it because it does not affect
any package in unstable/testing.

I believe there was an unintended ABI breakage in FFmpeg and
it caused the kodi crash but since no one is really interested in
debugging that after recompiling solved it there is little value in
keeping it open.

> Bug #797965 contains no sample, I cannot reproduce.
> (Same for #833722 and #797963 which are marked as
> needs-more-info.)

In #797965 Christoph provided a way of reproducing it:

Andreas even provided a patch thus I believe it is a valid bug:

If I ever find time I'll create a reproducer based on Christoph's
guide, but it is unlikely to happen before Stretch's release.

> Bug #810224 is invalid: Behaviour is exactly as
> requested by you, my original analysis was wrong.

Closed that one, thanks.

> I do not understand why it makes sense to keep #493705
> and #528080 open: I believe Debian decided many years
> ago that they will not be fixed, FFmpeg has repeated
> its opinion that there is no bug last year (when
> Google stopped allowing such binaries in Android).
> (If you want you can fix both bugs anytime by adding
> --disable-asm to the configure options for x86_32.)

Those are known limitations of the Debian package and the bugs'
state reflects that.

> I have fixed #785690 upstream today, don't know how
> you proceed with the report here.

Marked accordingly, thanks.
It can be closed with uploading a new upstream release containing the fix.
I don't think that this issue warrants a back-port.


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