It's the infiniband patch; reverting edb181c fixes the
bug for me.

It seems to make this noise on ifdown, but not ifup.
It's not clear why this happens, since it looks like
the reference to %vlan_id1% is protected by

    test -d /sys/class/net/%link%/device/infiniband 

which certainly is not true on my system (tested no
presence of 'inifinband' in my whole /sys on either
side of link up... this happens for ordinary wlan0 on
my machine).  The only thing I'll note is that there
looks like maybe a subtle logic change replacing:

    /bin/ip link del %iface% if (iface_has(".") && (!iface_has(":")) && 
(!var_set_anywhere("bridge_ports", ifd)))


    /bin/ip link del %iface%; \
    fi if (iface_has(".") && (!iface_has(":")) && 
(!var_set_anywhere("bridge_ports", ifd)));

Also, the trailing 'fi;' in the first block has a
slightly different indent and does not line up with the
'else', if that matters.

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