I had a second to poke around a bit more, so I looked a bit more at
what other error messages I could have it give me. Here's some followup:

I opened nm-connection-editor again and tried to edit the VPN I have
already set up. I clicked on 'edit', and the UI showed me this:


Seeing as how that looked like a dbus name, I checked d-feet to see if
such a service was riding the bus.

Seems like yes: http://i.imgur.com/ikklOhq.png

When I hit the dbus interface as root, I could introspect it. Seems like
it's on the bus and responding to requests. This is funny to me. So, I
looked for where this came from, and saw it was defined in

I opened it and double checked the paths. They seem good, except one
file needed a `.so` appenended to it. This seems sane enough for a path
you'd expect to be a .so, so I don't think it's a likely lead. Here's
shell output:

| [paultag@cassiel:~][⌚ 01:39 PM] ♥  cat 
| [VPN Connection]
| name=strongswan
| service=org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.strongswan
| program=/usr/lib/ipsec/charon-nm
| auth-dialog=/usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-strongswan-auth-dialog
| properties=/usr/lib/NetworkManager/libnm-strongswan-properties
| [paultag@cassiel:~][⌚ 01:39 PM] ♥  ls -l /usr/lib/ipsec/charon-nm
| -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 30896 Jul 16 09:32 /usr/lib/ipsec/charon-nm
| [paultag@cassiel:~][⌚ 01:39 PM] ♥  ls -l 
| -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 14816 Aug 28 04:47 
| [paultag@cassiel:~][⌚ 01:40 PM] ♥  ls -l 
| ls: cannot access '/usr/lib/NetworkManager/libnm-strongswan-properties': No 
such file or directory
| [paultag@cassiel:~][⌚ 01:40 PM] ♥  ls -l 
| -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 23128 Aug 28 04:47 

Nothing totally broken. Not sure why it isn't talking with this service.
Maybe the API of the dbus service changed? Could this be a strongswan-nm

Not sure where to look next,

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