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Antonio Terceiro [2016-09-21 14:20 -0300]:
> the fact that Ubuntu runs tests on KVM and we run on LXC makes all the
> difference.
> however making the package have their tests executed is trivial; what's
> not trivial will be moving to KVM so that their tests have any chance of
> working.

Do you have enough EC2 quota to run tests in (ephemeral) nova
instances? In Ubuntu we do that, i. e. I have a permanent "controller"
instance that has the cloud credentials and an autopkgtest checkout,
and worker instances [1] which take AMQP test requests and call autopkgtest with
the ssh runner and the "nova" setup script [2] -- i. e. the actual
test is being run in an ephemeral instance, with full
"isolation-machine"/KVM capabilities like mucking around with kernel

I can talk you through this if you are interested.



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