Package: open-iscsi
Version: 2.0.873+git1.4c1f2d90-2

I am running debian stretch/sid with virt-manager, dkms, open-iscsi, virtualbox guest additions, and openssh installed.

I have an iscsi session opened with a local box on my lan, running FreeNAS. I have virt-manager and its dependencies installed, and have connected to the iSCSI share with virt-manager. I have no issues connecting, and no issues starting the machine back up. The issue comes during reboot or shutdown.

It looks like the script to log out all sessions ( is being called at reboot/shutdown, but it is not finding any sessions to disconnect from, even though when I issue iscsiadm -m session, I get this output:

root@debscsi:~# iscsiadm -m session
tcp: [1],257 (non-flash)

The session is still connected, and I can access it. When I manually invoke, I get this:

root@debscsi:/lib/open-iscsi# ./
iscsiadm: No matching sessions found

When I try to debug the script with bash -x, I get the following output:
root@debscsi:/lib/open-iscsi# bash -x
+ ISCSIADM=/sbin/iscsiadm
+ PIDFILE=/run/
+ '[' -f /etc/default/open-iscsi ']'
+ . /etc/default/open-iscsi
+ '[' -f /etc/iscsi/iscsi.initramfs ']'
+ '[' '!' -s /run/ ']'
++ sed -n 1p /run/
+ kill -0 1703
+ '[' -f /run/open-iscsi/shutdown-keep-sessions ']'
+ '[' -z '' ']'
+ /sbin/iscsiadm -m node --logoutall=all
iscsiadm: No matching sessions found
+ exit 21

So, it appears the command being issued is /bin/iscsiadm -m node --logoutall=all. When I try that command, I get the same error as when I try to run the script. The script contains this function that invokes that command:
# trivial case
if [ -z "$EXCLUDED_SESSIONS" ] ; then
        $ISCSIADM -m node --logoutall=all
        exit $?

I don't know scripting language very well at all, but it is apparently not finding the session to terminate correctly. When I manually log out of the session, it reboots and shuts down normally with no issues. Maybe this part of the script is being called in error, I'm not sure. When I replace the command with $ISCSIADM -m node -u, it reboots and shuts down fine, but I consider this more of a hack than a true fix.

I previously tried to determine the cause of the hang on reboot/shutdown. What happens is the system tries to ping the iscsi target, but fails because the network interface has already been brought down, and the system hangs indefinitely. I get the error connection1:0: ping timeout of 5 secs expired, recv timeout 5, last rx 4294927718, last ping 4294928970, now 4294930224. However, I think the error is just an indication the target was not logged out properly and the system thinks its still connected.

I previously reported this under the systemd package, as I thought it was an issue with systemd and its ordering of shutdown scripts (possibly killing the interface before the logout of iscsi session). That was reported in bug# 838028 and I have updated this bug to reflect my additional troubleshooting and findings. Any help with the appropriate fix for this would be appreciated.

Colby Ross

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