Hello Boyuan,

I just reviewed the latest changes in your nixnote2 git repo, as part of
confirming that nixnote2 works with the new qevercloud shlib.

I have the following remaining suggestions (none are "must fix"):

1. I suggested adding something to README.source explaining why the
package does not depend on openoffice, despite having some references to
openoffice dictionaries.  You have written:

    Upstream code contains some legacy instructions, including the
    attempt of calling components of old OpenOffice(in spellchecker.cpp)
    and behaviors that do not follow RFC 6068, etc. Those code are
    examined and considered harmless.

This doesn't really give the issue.  I think you should explain
"harmless".  Say explicitly that the function/code path never gets

2. nixnote2 is failing piuparts :(

    Could not install nixnote2-dbgsym nixnote2.

I successfully installed nixnote2-dbgsym on my machine, so while it
would be good to diagnose what's going on with piuparts, I don't think
it should block an upload.

3. I saw a build of beta10 on deb-o-matic.  Are you planning to update
the git repo/mentors package, too, or do you not consider beta10 stable
enough yet?  Your decision.

4. Don't forget `dch -r` to update the timestamp!


Sean Whitton

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