On 09/21/2016 02:45 AM, Guoqing Jiang wrote:

On 09/20/2016 02:31 PM, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
Sorry for the amount of emails I'm sending, but I noticed something that's probably important. I'm also appending some gdb log from tracing through the function (trying to answer why it's doing cluster mode stuff at all).

While tracing through, I noticed that *before* the write-bitmap loop, mdadm -E considers the superblock valid. That agrees with what I saw from strace, I suppose. To my first glance, it figures out how much to write by calling this function:

static unsigned int calc_bitmap_size(bitmap_super_t *bms, unsigned int boundary)
    unsigned long long bits, bytes;

bits = __le64_to_cpu(bms->sync_size) / (__le32_to_cpu(bms->chunksize)>>9);
    bytes = (bits+7) >> 3;
    bytes += sizeof(bitmap_super_t);
    bytes = ROUND_UP(bytes, boundary);

    return bytes;

That code looked familiar, and I figured out where—it's also in 95a05b37e8eb2bc0803b1a0298fce6adc60eff16, the commit that I found originally broke it. But that commit is making a change to it: it changed the ROUND_UP line from 512 to 4096 (and from the gdb trace, boundary==4096).

I tested changing that line to "bytes = ROUND_UP(bytes, 512);", and it works. Adds the new disk to the array and produces no warnings or errors.

I think it is is a coincidence that above change works, 4a3d29e commit made
the change but it didn't change the logic at all.

Hmm, seems bitmap is aligned to 512 in previous mdadm, but with commit 95a05b3 we made it aligned to 4k, so it causes the latest mdadm can't work with previous
created array.

Does the below change work? Thanks.

diff --git a/super1.c b/super1.c
index 9f62d23..6a0b075 100644
--- a/super1.c
+++ b/super1.c
@@ -2433,7 +2433,10 @@ static int write_bitmap1(struct supertype *st, int fd, enum bitmap_update update
                        memset(buf, 0xff, 4096);
                memcpy(buf, (char *)bms, sizeof(bitmap_super_t));

-               towrite = calc_bitmap_size(bms, 4096);
+               if (__le32_to_cpu(bms->nodes) == 0)
+                       towrite = calc_bitmap_size(bms, 512);
+               else
+                       towrite = calc_bitmap_size(bms, 4096);
                while (towrite > 0) {


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