Gregor Riepl <> writes:

> Package: wnpp
> Followup-For: Bug #706656
> Owner: Gregor Riepl <>
> Hello, I've been using Cura (new Cura, not the legacy one) for a while, and
> decided that it would be a good idea to package it up for Debian.
> Upstream does not make this particularly easy, but thanks to the use of
> standard build tools, it wasn't very hard either.
> Therefore, I present debianized forks of the upstream Cura git repository and
> its dependencies:
> Each of these repositories has a branch "debian" that contains a debian/
> directory with all relevant build files. The dependencies are taken care of -
> at least to the best of my knowledge. Please note that I am not an experienced
> Debian maintainer, so there may be mistakes.
> A few notes:
> - All code is released under Affero GPLv3. I believe this is not one of the
> preferred Debian package licenses, but it was deemed compatible with the DFSG
> previously.

AGPL is fine

> - libArcus is built into multiple packages: a shared library, development
> files/headers, and a python3 library. The python library is named
> python3-libarcus to reflect the relationship/dependency with libarcus itself.
> - The CuraEngine package was named cura-engine2 to avoid conflicts with old
> Cura, which used a very different and incompatible versioning scheme. A
> "Breaks: cura-engine" was added, because both executables install under the
> same name.

I'd think that should be a Conflicts: rather than a Breaks -- see:

and also perhaps:

Cheers, Phil.
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